Every day, we read about another crisis in our state and the failure of our elected officials to find workable solutions. Our public schools are struggling to meet the needs of our children. Too many citizens are unable to afford adequate healthcare. Oklahoma's prisons are over-crowded and understaffed.

Time is up.

It is time to elect Oklahomans who will work for its citizens instead of special interest groups. We must fix the budget shortfalls and fund the services and initiatives that will support our citizens, build a better future, and fulfill the promise of the "Oklahoma Standard."


Investment in education and health is an investment in the people of Oklahoma and key to our state’s future.

The 2018 budget allocated over 48% to education, including common education, higher education, and career tech. Our schools are still grossly underfunded.

Health services comprise 30% of this budget (Medicaid, human services, and mental health). These funds also fall short of ensuring Oklahomans get the care they need.

The allocation of resources is not the problem in Oklahoma. The lack of resources is the problem. My priority, if elected, is to work on solutions to increase and stabilize revenue. We need to restore pre-recession revenue rates for high-income earners and gross production. I will support new industries that bring diversity to the Oklahoma economic landscape. And I will champion policies that create transparency and accountability. When the state gives incentives to support industry, we should have data to show it works for Oklahoma.

This is the only path to ensuring we can provide vital services to all Oklahoma citizens.